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Life is a journey, we often fly through it far faster than we ever thought we could. This is a place that's meant to shed a positive light on that journey. It's often easy to find ourselves in a dark hole. This blog was created as an attempt to find the positive in even the most remote of places. It's also meant to catalog my new path in life. The path I'm on will have several ups and downs, and I know that I'll often feel like I'm flying in my mind.

I would like to share this journey with all of you readers. Please feel free to comment on your own experiences. I would love to share quotes with all of you and hear how God has been working in your life.

The Blogger
I'm a 19-year old Community College graduate. After getting my Associates Degree I attended a University for a year where I discovered that the Theatre degree I was pursuing was no longer what I wanted. I took a year off to explore my personal interest and try to discover the pieces of myself that I have ignored for so long. The one thing I've learned is that life is an long journey, one that I want to enjoy every day of if I can.

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